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Caymax PV roof mounting

 PV PRO Roof Mounting Solutions

pv pro on roof mounting system anti theftPV Pro Roof mounting systems are uniquely manufactured using only High Quality materials to guarantee durability.

Incredibly simple to use patented systems mean that installing this strong system will considerably reduce installation time. Importantly the system has removed the number of components, which means considerably less time on continually attaching rails to hooks etc. using multiple components.

The PV PRO mounting systems have been developed by seasoned designers and experienced consultants dedicated to providing high-quality products and all-round services. The system has solutions for many applications for PV Solar installations from simple on roof systems, flat roof in high wind areas to large Solar Farm sized projects.

On Roof Mounting System 

On roof mounting systems rely on simple roof hooks in order to attach the rails to the sub-structure of the roof. There are 3 main types of roof hooks which are used for U.K. roof coverings:

Concrete tile roof anch

Concrete Roof tile hook                 Concrete Roof tile hook             

Pantile roof anch

Pantile Roof tile hook             Concrete Roof tile hook                                                  

Slate Tile roof anch

Slate Roof tile hook             Concrete Roof tile hook             


All the hooks are supply with pre fixed attachments. These are a patented part of the roof mounting system. These are spring loaded units which clip into one or the grooves on the rails, and are simply tightened. This is a very quick and simple process with very easy access to the tightening screw.            

Cross connector                                                          

The End and Mid clamps are substantial fully preassembled parts which simply clip into the channel in the rail, and the motion of tightening the screw from the top also fully locks the clamp in place. These substantial mid and End clamps are designed for use for both Portrait and Landscape installations with the rail installed Horizontally.                              

On Roof Security

The PV PRO on roof mounting system is uniquely designed to protect your investment. Just as a locking wheelnut on a car – the locking bolts for the system have a specially addapted fitting to add security to the panels wherever they may be installed.
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